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Sharalyn Jordan, PhD

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Education

Simon Fraser University

Dr. Sharalyn Jordan currently conducts community-based research on the mental health of refugee survivors of homophobic or transphobic persecution with knowledge mobilization goals for refugee policy, mental health practice, refugee studies, trauma studies, gender and sexuality studies. She uses research techniques including narrative Inquiry, dialogical analysis, ethnographic, and collaborative and participatory inquiry strategies to study several research themes: 

  • Sociocultural, relational, dialogical, social constructionist and psychological constructivist theories of self, identity and human change in dialogue with critical social theory
  • Sexualities & genders, LGBTQ, queer and trans studies
  • Identity and community formation in contexts of globalization, hybrid geographies, mobilities & diaspora
CIHR Pillar(s): 
Health Services Research, Social, Cultural, Environmental and Population Health Research

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