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KK Viswanadham, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

University of British Columbia

Dr. Viswanadham is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Pharmacuetical Sciences, in Dr. Shyh-Dar Li's lab. His current research interests relate to design and synthesis of endogenous peptide-based novel entities, and understating their mechanisms of action on opioid receptors in central and peripheral nervous systems. Currently, he is investigating the behavioural effects (i.e. motor coordination balance, breathing depression, wthdrawal effects, conditioned rewarding effect, and opiate dependence) in mice after oral and intranasal delivery of liposome preparations of several synthesized novel entities.

Reserch Keywords: Drug development, Synthesis, Opioids, Pulmonary delivery of neuropeptides to brain as pain therapeutics, Mouse behavioral studies

CIHR Pillar(s): 
Biomedical Research

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