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Greg Siren, MD

Medical Director

myo Clinic, CHANGEpain

Dr. Greg Siren is the Medical Director of the myo Clinic. Research interests by the myoActivation team members include development of:
•    unique approaches to assessment of chronic pain in children living with chronic pain
•    a QI workflow for community care clinicians using myoActivation
•    a mentoring strategy for physicians and nurse practitioners applying myoActivation in primary care with marginalized patients
•    an auditing model to retrospectively assess treatment outcome of myoActivation
•    a model for estimating NNT and NNH in myoActivation
•    a single myoActivation Mendeley library incorporating multiple individual research literature compilations
•    a journal article for publication in 2019 that details the evidence underpinning myoActivation
•    a research study design incorporating paired subjective and objective measures of pain and mobility to provide treatment outcome data through pre- and post-treatment assessment
•    summaries of evidence supporting myoActivation through the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Healthcare

Research Keywords: myofascial pain, non-pharmaceutical pain care, system of pain care, complex pain care

CIHR Pillar(s): 
Biomedical Research, Clinical Research

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