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Cathy Schuppli, PhD, DVM

Clinical Assistant Professor

Animal Welfare Program

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

University of British Columbia

Dr. Schuppli's overall interests are in improving the lives of animals used in science. Her research focuses on 2 main areas: 1) understanding attitudes of people working with animals and 2) researching ways to improve the emotional experiences of animals while undergoing common laboratory procedures including procedures that cause pain. Recent research activity includes: the development of a novel educational intervention during researcher training to foster a culture of empathy amongst animal researchers, examining novel ways of reducing pain and distress in research animals by providing animals more control over their environment and experiences and evaluating benefits of anxiolytics in rodents undergoing gas euthanasia.

Research Keywords: Animal welfare, Emotional experience, Attitudes

CIHR Pillar(s): 
Clinical Research, Health Services Research

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