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Brenda Lau, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Faculty of Medicine

University of British Columbia, CHANGEpain

Dr. Brenda Lau is a Pain Specialist and Anesthesiologist practicing in Vancouver and Surrey, BC. She is also the Program Director of the UBC Pain Medicine Residency program. Brenda is passionate about helping people suffering from pain get access to the help they need. This means improving the understanding of pain, improving pain treatments, and increasing opportunities for pain care training. In 2013, she co-founded CHANGEpain to improve early access to effective MSP funded multidimensional pain care and enable pain research, quality improvement initiatives, and building of practice based evidence.

Her research interests focus on examining sustainable models of care and improve patient outcomes using practice-based evidence:

  • to match the most effective clinical services to the needs
  • to guide economic decisions in workspace and process flows using patient outcomes, economic data, service targets and patient and staff satisfaction
  • to improve efficiencies and reduce redundancy within clinics and across various levels of healthcare to improve early access to care
  • to optimize the wellbeing and culture of the multi-dimensional care team to prevent burnout.

Research Keywords: Anesthesiology, pain medicine, pain interventions, community clinics, regional pain services, non opioid pain services, QI, multidisciplinary, practice-based

CIHR Pillar(s): 
Clinical Research, Health Services Research

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