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BC PRN members Paul Yong and Lori Brotto receive MSFHR Reach Awards

Congratulations to BC Pain Research Network members Dr. Paul Yong and Dr. Lori Brotto for receiving Michael Smith Foundation for Health and Research (MSFHR) Reach Awards. MSFHR's Reach Program is designed to facilitate the uptake of health research evidence to inform and/or improve further research, practice and policy-making. 

Dr. Yong and his PhD student Natasha Orr's project involves disseminating research findings on the causes of sexual pain during a one-day workshop that will be created in collaboration with their Patient Research Advisory Board. "Endometriosis-associated sexual pain is multifactorial, and may result from endometriosis lesions, the pelvic floor musculature, depression, and/or central nervous system sensitization. Treatment efficacy may depend on the specific cause of pain. Our physicians may suggest treatment options that patients are not familiar with, so the goal of this workshop is to provide patients with a better understanding of individualized treatments for their sexual pain." Dr. Yong's project titled "Knowledge translation for a new understanding of sexual pain in endometriosis" will be hosted at UBC.

Dr. Brotto's project titled: "#LifeAndLoveWithHIV: A social media initiative to support the sexual health needs of women living with HIV" is being co-funded in partnership with the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and will be hosted at SFU.

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